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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 8, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> al: second down and eight. miller, and that's atkins, geno atkins making a mark tonight. the rookie out of georgia. picked him in the fourth round. >> cris: michael johnson has made an impression but this guy has made an equal impression right here. comes off the double-team there and makes the play in the backfield. they were impressed, but you never know, you know. a guy's show in training camp and they go well, he looks pretty good. sometimes the bright lights come on and they disappear. well, you know, atkins and michael johnson, they wouldn't disappear tonight. paul brown stadium. play like you practice, son. those two guys have. >> al: third and 11. nichols buying time and was able to complete the pass to scott sicko, but short of the first down. nichols, out of eastern washington.
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jon kitna played his college ball at central washington. a long-time statistician, george hill, from the state of washington. eastern washington. got to get a polouse mention once a year. >> cris: no question. jordan shipley going back. he can win a job as a punt returner. it would certainly add to his resume in cincinnati. >> al: mat mcbriar. to the 33 yard line. and shipley dropped at that spot by jesse holley.
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>> al: check out the action on the new drama "under covers" goes to for a new look 3 at "undercovers" this fall on nbc. bengals have generated nothing offensively tonight, and the
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younger palmer throws here for a first down. that is dez briscoe. >> cris: you want to see a double? jordan and carson. check that out. i mean, that's dead-on, isn't it? switch numbers, and i'm not sure i could tell the difference right there. shave that little semi mustache and beard. >> al: about a four, five year difference between the brothers. >> cris: the defenses can tell the difference. >> al: yeah. film doesn't lie. now, albert haynesworth. let's talk about him for a second. you all know about haynesworth. left tennessee. washington signed him to a humongous contract. didn't play well last year. upset with the change in the defensive scheme in washington after mike shanahan takes over and jim haslett comes in to run the defense.
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doesn't report for very much off-season duty. then comes to camp and mike runs him through a bunch of conditioning tests, which he doesn't pass. jones makes the catch. goes down along the sideline, but he's all right. he finally passed the conditioning test. now his knee hurts him again. what do you think? >> cris: you think he really passed it? you and i both know mike shanahan. he was my offensive coordinator at the university of florida. he brought albert out there at 6:00 a.m. to try the conditioning test one more time, just the two of them. maybe he gave them the friendly watch. the big guy like that, you got to get him back on the field at some point. they're asking him maybe he made a settlement. listen, you play nose tackle, we'll figure out a way to get around this conditioning test. >> al: now, i mean, with a situation, that pass caught along the sidelines and that's
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matt jones making another nice play. but sooner or later, with haynesworth in the 3-4. >> al: do you really need to do that? >> cris: he looks disgusted. >> al: wade does a halfhearted like 16-0, i'm kind of trying to -- i'm getting on the point. >> referee: dallas is challenging the ruling on the field of a completed pass. >> al: dave campo was right there to signal no. chances are this will be overturned. >> cris: was the back foot on the ground when the catch was made? >> al: i don't believe so. >> cris: you and i can't help ourselves. we're going to milk this one for all it's worth. >> al: we're milking everything. fourth quarter preseason, you
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got the whole cow. >> cris: it was off the ground. you're right, as usual. >> al: right about 60% of the time, you see. >> cris: government work. getting back to albert haynesworth for a minute, it's an interesting thing. you know, yes, he made a hundred millions dollars and yes he shouldn't be complaining. he should be running to work every day. where do you want to line me up, coach? but he wouldn't be the only free technique tackle in the world that would complain if you put him at nose tackle. you play the three tk increase between the guard and tackle, there are two guys that might hit you on any given play. you line up at nose tackle, there are three guys who can chop out your knees on any given play.
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guys don't want to be in there. >> al: do me one small favor. you walk down the street in columbus and say explain what the three technique is, one might explain what it is. maybe a high school coach. can you explain to everybody what a three technique tackle is? >> cris: i would be looking for jim tressel if i was going to try that experiment. it's in between the guard and tackle, in most lines, his job is to penetrate and get up the field. ala john randle, war ran sapp. >> al: the b gap or the a gap. >> cris: it would be the a gap. >> al: i'm hearing all this stuff, i'm saying guys explain. nobody knows what you're talking about when they talk about the three technique and a and b gap. the a gap is the first gap, the b gap is the second gap. the one hole or the three hole and that's basically where it
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comes from. everybody is going to check out their equipment. dave campo is into it. he doesn't want to give up any more on his defensive back. dave campo has done a heck of a job with this secondary. what he did with mike jenkins and turning him around. scandrick is better. >> referee: after review, the receiver did not two feet inbounds. it's an incomplete pass. makes it fourth down and 11. cincinnati ball. >> al: like we didn't know. >> referee: dallas is not charged with a time-out. >> cris: that was funny to watch him wave disgustedly. like kicking the extra point to send this to overtime. >> al: you've got campo saying he's out. wade knowing he's out, taking the challenge flag out, because what it's you do. and then you're thinging to
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yourself oh, no. 16-0, fourth quarter. as shania twain would say, "whatever." huber's punt and a fair catch made by jamar wall. we've got opening night coming up on september the 9th. there was michael strahan coming in when the giants won the super bowl the following year and the bus went back to pittsburgh and new england celebrated. so did indianapolis. it's become a tradition for the opener to be in the home of the prior year's super bowl champion, unless the tradition continues and we go to new orleans for the opener on nbc on thursday night september the 9th. it's the minnesota vikings and the new orleans saints. >> cris: i don't think it will be loud or noisy or excited fans
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down there, do you? >> al: we'll have to borrow drew brees' sons head phones. >> cris: we have the opening game and halloween night. >> al: we've both been to new orleans. every night is halloween down there. >> cris: i like new orleans. it's a heck of a city. it is going to be fun. it's really a rematch of what arguably was the best game of the season last year. all the pressure, the back and forth nature. two great quarterbacks going at it. up and down the field. overcoming turnovers and it comes down to a last second kick. it was as good as this league can offer for a championship game. >> al: second and four. and that's going to take us to the two-minute warning in canton, ohio. dallas cowboys tonight have
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outgained the bengals 299-178. one touchdown in the game, and it was scored by the defense. there's rich dal rimpfle, the public relations maven of the cowboys going over things with romo.
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>> al: tonight's aerial coverage is brought to you by goodyear. one of the few times that the blimp actually involves the blimp. >> cris: we should get a shot of that guy right there, michael johnson. that's the good news tonight. >> al: third and one and it's a nice defensive play right there as sims, pat sims out of auburn, crashes into lonyae miller. one thing you want to do in preseason is come away without injury. cincinnati just took a time-out, but that has not been the case tonight. we've had a few. there they are for the cowboys, john phillips with a great first half before he went out with a knee injury. then brian leonard, who is a key
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guy for cincinnati's offense with the foot. we saw crocker get hurt on special teams and eason after the fumble leaves with a foot injury. >> cris: john phillips had a nice night tonight, didn't he? comes in, martellus bennett not playing in this one. caught the ball early on. that's a tough catch right there. lead blocker in the backfield. frostee rucker out of there, down on the line of scrimmage. that's where he got hurt. important part of this offense, though. >> al: and mcbriar, to the 5 yard line. shipley gets by mcbriar. he's inside the 10. and he's rolled out of bounds at
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about the 2 yard line. that's a 64-yard run back for the rookie out of texas. >> cris: happiest guy on the team other than shipley is carson palmer. he's selling this kid to everybody. he really thinks he's something special. maybe not the purest flat-out speed, but you see the quickness and the physical nature of his play. as carson said, you never have to tell him the same thing twice. he gets it. i really think you're going to see jordan shipley getting a lot of playing time this season, especially if antonio bryant can't come back from the knee injury. >> al: all the longhorn fans know about that. he he was a great punt returner in austin. bernard scott gets halfway to the goal line. >> cris: shipley broke the record of roy williams, the cowboys' receiver there. al, we could have touchdown, two-point conversion, another
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touchdown, on-side kick and two-point conversion, tie this thing right up. >> al: i'm going to wash your mouth out with soap. second and goal. at the 1. under a minute to play. palmer. fires back of the end zone. caught. touchdown. that is darius hill with his first catch of the night to make it 16-6. >> cris: going to come all the way across the field. jordan palmer just going to buy a little time. did a nice job evading victor butler. darius hill's got one he's going to remember for a while.
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>> al: they're lining up to kick an extra point. >> cris: at this point, it may >> cris: at this point, it may be more important for them to see dave rayner kick than to try and win the game. >> al: i can't believe. i think he's seen enough of dave rayner kick. he barely makes the extra point. the bengals, with the timeouts to save time. >> cris: i think marvin feels the same way about overtime that you do. >> al: he may, in preseason especially. i never understood overtime in preseason. two weeks, we have one more preseason game. a lot of storylines around this one. we go to san francisco in two weeks where the 49ers, under mike singletary, an emerging team, play the vikings. by that time, a fortfight from now, we'll know more about the brett favre situation. his name may come up. >> cris: i would think. that's move day.
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if he's going to come back and play in the opener that's about the time he'll have to wander in. i don't think he'll play in the preseason game, maybe he will but that would be about decision-making time for the open. >> al: zhap will be our final preseason game before we start the regular season. >> cris: these cowboys players got some rough hair cuts from the veterans. that's sam young. the young man from notre dame. oh, boy. the offensive linemen paid a hef from price for the love the veterans were going to lay on them. >> al: jamar wall. >> cris: you know, the worst one that i saw over the weekend, the old gator quarterback, tim
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tebow, that was not good. there's a hair cut for you. they're not going to touch his hair. they'd pay a heavy price for that. >> al: he and kyle orton and -- >> cris: there he is, the gator legend. oh, boy. there's football fans all over the country cringing on that one. the heartthrob. >> al: looking for a cameo in monk. >> cris: gotta take it. as a rookie, you better be willing to stand there and take it. although kenny riley. remember kenny riley? >> al: sure. >> cris: the rtler, great defensive back. his line was cris, whatever they do, when they get you to sing -- we had to stand up on a chair and sing. the key is you've got to act like you love it, like this is the greatest thing that ever happened.
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you get embarrassed, they'll get you up there every night. get up and act like you're ready to sing before the world and they'll never ask you to do it again. >> al: did you ever sing anything from an album "you can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish"? i'm going to take you to the reo speedwagon concert next week. that's the end of the hall of fame game. 16-7, the dallas cowboys knock off the cincinnati bengals. in two weeks, san francisco is the site, 49ers and vikings. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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it's back. hot weather returns to the metro area, and not only might temperatures break records, we may have to brace for dangerous conditions. we may have been able to crank down the ac over the weekend but you will of that is about to change. let's go to check bull whoell who is standing by. >> it's a broken record for the summer of 2010. high levels of heat and humidity coming back into the area once again. monday's record, 102.
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tuesday's record is only 98 degrees, and forecasting a tie of the record to tuesday. wednesday, we will be close as well. we are forecasting 99 on wednesday, and the record is 101. the other side is the humidity. the maximum heat index, tuesday, 105, and then we go to friday, 104, the feels like factor. so another week in the oven in the washington area. we have a check on the tropics coming up in a few more minutes. one driver dead, and an entire family in the hospital after a morning car crash in laurel. tonight, new details about what may have led to the whole thing. darcy spencer joins us in the studio tonight with the latest. >> a tragedy for both families
11:26 pm
involved. a possibility could have fell asleep and crash into the a family out for a bike ride. the mom has a broken job and ribs, and the dad a head injury. one of the twin sons was hurt and the other witnessed the crash. these photographers show the aftermath of a violent commission that claimed the life of a 63-year-old woman and left a mother father and little boy out for a morning bike ride in critical condition. the car was traveling about 10:15 when she lost control. the car jumped a curb and flattened a light post, and then ran into the family. >> the car struck the dad first, and then mom and son, and then rolled over a couple more times. >> she was driving home from an overnight home care job in d.c. when the crash happened. authorities believe she may have
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fallen asleep behind the wheel. a 39-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man and a twin was critically injured. >> this is the second fatality we have had -- we have had six serious accidents. >> while speed does not appear to be a factor in this crash, many say drivers need to slowdown, and they say this is the second fatal accident on this stretch of road. >> slow down when you are driving through the community, and there are families out here and children at play, and there are people walking their animals and pets, and just slow down. >> residents say they appealed to county officials to put in traffic safety measures along the road but a study showed it was not warranted. >> we want to have the county consider to have speed reminders or humps. >> a friend of the family that was hurt tells news4 that they
11:28 pm
all should survive the crash. the twin boy who was not hurt is staying with friends tonight. >> forwe have new details about the head on collision in boughethesda. a woman was going to the hair salon, and she never showed up. her husband got in the car and drove to the scene of her death. good news for shoppers in maryland tonight. time to save money on back-to-school shopping. can you buy clothes and shoes tax free. your purchase must be 100 bucks or less. accessories are not included.
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democrats know if they are going to hold on to the house and senate in november they have to convince voters they are turning the economy around. 71,000 new private sector jobs were created, however 131,000 government jobs were loss. the president continues to blame the bush administration saying it takes time to climb out of a hole. >> i have to tell you, when i am home in indiana people are asking the question, where are the jobs? >> when you want to go forward and are in your car what do you do. put it in d. when you want to go backwards what do you do? put it in r. >> more people forced into early
11:30 pm
retirement are causing checks going out for the next two years. nine bodies were thrown to kabul today. the workers were treating the sick when they were am am bushed. they changed the way thousands of afghans see the world. >> those who killed thaedsese wonderful people were blind, really blind, in a different way. and it just -- may god's mercy be on them. >> secretary of state hillary clinton called the killings, quote, despicable and said the taliban is trying to justify the unjustifiable. meanwhile late night metro
11:31 pm
riders are demanding beefed up security. a brawl involving as many as 70 is reason enough. investigators believe the fight began before the train and continued. people were shotuting out warnings to each other all while the violence unfolded. >> there was 12 to 15 people beating on man on the ground. i thought they were using a belt, and my friend thought it was a stick but regardless it was relentless. >> the whole thing is under investigation. first, a sexual harassment claim. the woman at the center of the claim says she is, quote, surprised and saddened. jody fisher used to be a marketing consulting for hp and
11:32 pm
said she and herd never had a relationship. but there was falsified expense reports. the harassment claim has been settled privately. and president obama has a barbecue and basketball. it definitely was not your pickup game. we'll explain that. if you are the only one that thought you hated talking on your cell phone. you are in a lot of company. when we come back. message in a bottle sent by a grieving family. the question is could the nationals return home with the winning road trip? redskins owner talks out about albert haynesworth. and then
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